March 23, 2009

First Stop On The Road

Every journey begins with the first step and this is mine. I am new to blogging and find it slightly intimidating, throwing words out onto the internet highway like crumbs on a path, hoping either to find my way home or hoping the crumbs will lead someone to me. It's an interesting concept.

In a way, I wish this instant communication technology had been around 10 to 20 years ago when I was on the road, on assignment constantly. Traveling from destination to destination at least two weeks of every month, so many stories to tell, so much info to impart. On the other hand, with my limited time at home being consumed by unpacking, processing and editing film, repairing gear, calling editors and art directors, writing stories and delivering the final product while also attending to the day to day details of life like washing clothes, paying bills, working out the details of the next shoot, staying in touch with friends and, on top of it all, making profuse apologies to my cat for my long absences … would I have found time to actually post my thoughts, experiences and feelings? Well, maybe yes or maybe no. I'm leaning toward no as an honest answer.

But, times and situations change and this is the great advantage of having a currently less demanding travel schedule. A little more elbow room, a little extra breathing space. In the new digital realm, there is no film processing and such. On the other hand, the entire work flow of post-processing after a digital shoot takes more time than ever so the extra time turns out to be not so abundant after all. Such is life, what one hand gives, the other takes away. So it goes.

My desire is to make this blog both informational as well as entertaining. I can and will find time to describe new destinations and/or find new approaches to the well-trodden path, talk about new adventures while recalling old ones, hopefully bringing the two together into a cohesive whole. I'll throw in some insight into new equipment and techniques and will most certainly toss in a few satisfying, maybe even exciting images as we travel together.

Will it work? Only time will tell but my hopes are high. Welcome to my view of the ever-changing, endlessly ramblin' road!